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Best Rifle Recoil Pads.

Recoil pads for your rifle are awesome

Gun Recoil Pads.


Gun recoil pads are a great addition to rifles and guns. The recoil science is based on Newton’s third law of every action having an equal and opposite reaction. Shooters experience these opposing reactions in the form of recoil every time they shoot. In order to muffle the recoil and mitigate its effects on the body, gun recoil pads are a great addition for a gun or rifle. Gun Recoil Pads can be used on hunting rifles and tactical rifles as well as other types of firearms.

What do Gun Recoil Pads Do?


Gun recoil pads protect the shooter from harmful effects of recoil. This is because the insulating material such as rubber, leather, or foam absorbs the sudden shock, preventing it from directly reaching the body. Gun recoil pads also ensure more success of the shots fired due to the recoil being moderated significantly.

How Much Mitigation Can Gun Recoil Pads Offer?

Top gun recoil pads can mitigate up to 70% of a shot’s felt recoil.

Polyurethane Pads

These are more specialized in use, often designed for rifles with wooden buttstocks. It does a wonderful job in absorbing impact and protecting against harm.

Types of Gun Recoil Pads

Gun recoil pads come in many brands and varieties

Leather Gun Recoil Pads

These are the classic recoil pads. With easy fixing mirroring rifle and shotgun stocks, leather gun recoil pads are a favorite amongst many firearm enthusiasts.

Basic Parts of a Gun Recoil Pad

Rubber Slip-On Recoil Pads

Slip-on recoil pads can be fitted on hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and shotguns. These usually come in various sizes and textured surfaces to promote firm gripping. However, without a perfect fit, a slip-on recoil pad would wobble on the frame.

Adjustable Triangle

The adjustable triangle is the basic structure on which the gun pad is mounted. It has the same comb and toe angles as the butt stock of a rifle.

Gel-filled Slip-On Pads

Most gel-filled slip on pads offer greater flexibility in mounting on to various designs. They also help maintain stable aims more greatly. However, they are often more pricey than the rubber slip-on pads.


The universal support is attached to the sanding disc table.

Operation of Gun Recoil Pad

The recoil pad is attached to the stock. The outline of the stock is engraved on to the pad. The pad is then transferred to the base plate of the jig. At this point, the adjustable triangle is used to match the comb and toe nails of the buttstock with the gun recoil pad. The excess portion of a recoil pad is the trimmed off by using the sand table, to draw it down to the outline of the engraving exactly. Finally, there comes the installation of the pad on to the stock. Due to the lines of the stock being correctly inscribed, the pad fits perfectly on to the stock.

Recoil pads are a new standard in comfort and protection for gun users. Gun recoil pads for shoulders protect the shoulders against the sudden and hard hit of a rifle buttstock that comes with the rifle’s recoil. They also significantly lower the recoil impact of a felt shotgun and any other firearm, preventing gun slippage and ensure successful shooting while keeping you protected and comfortable.