how does buying a gun online work

How Does Buying A Gun Online Work?


If you’re searching for “how does buying a gun online work” then it’s pretty obvious that you’re in the market to purchase a firearm online.


Well, you’re in luck. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to buying a gun online.


Without adding too much fluff as to why you should or shouldn’t purchase a gun we are just going to get straight to the point.


The Reality Of Buying A Gun Online

Of course, when it comes to guns there is big controversy about the subject.

The first thing people may think is that you’re up to no good.


There are definitely loopholes and unethical ways to purchase guns online but we at isn’t about that.


We are law-abiding citizens who feel that we should be able to protect ourselves.


Criminals will be criminals and regardless of the law, they will have a gun.


The reality is, that ever since 1968 with the gun control act the internet marketplace for gun sales have been heavily regulated.


This prevents sellers from mailing guns directly to private parties.


In a nutshell, you simply can’t go to Amazon and purchase a gun and have it shipped directly to your doorsteps.


There are certain procedures to acquire a gun even when ordering online.


Steps to Buying a Gun Online


First, figure out what type of gun you’d want to purchase online. Next, you’d want to find a reputable online firearm dealer.

Now here is where it gets tricky…


Well, not really…it’s quite simple actually.

As we mentioned before, you won’t be able to have a gun shipped directly to your doorstep.


So you’ll want to find a local firearm dealer in your area with a federal firearms license also known as an FFL.


Any reputable gun store in your local area will do just fine.


Once you found one. Let them know that you want to purchase online and you already found something that you want.


They will discuss with you further on getting it all set up.


By letting your FFL dealer know ahead of time it will speed up the process to purchase online.


Also, you’ll need to do this in order to pick up your gun locally.


Because although you are ordering online, it needs to get shipped to an FFL dealer in order for you to get it into your hands.


Once the gun arrives at your local FFL dealer, the process is the same process depending on which state you live in to purchase a gun in person.

Here are the steps:

  1. Contact your local FFL Dealer
  2. Let them know that you would like your firearm shipped to them for local pickup.
  3. Find out their fees for using their pickup service it’s usually around $25 to $75 but it will vary from the state and FFL dealer.
  4. If you like the price, arrange with them for the transfer
  5. Provide your local FFL with the mailing address, email address, or fax number of your online retailer so that the FFL can send proof of their license (popular online stores likely will have your FFL on file since this only has to be done once)
  6. Now let your online retailer know who your FFL is and provide them with your FFL address


Here is a tip. FFL holders don’t like it when you purchase online because you cut them out of some nice profits. So call around and find the most accommodating FFL holder to handle the deal.


Also, some states will still collect taxes on your online firearm purchase.


Another thing to note is that some FFL holders will jack up the price to make a few extra bucks off you.


Purchasing A Gun Online Background Check


When purchasing a gun online and going through FFL you will need to undergo a background check.


You will need to fill out a 4473 form which is also known as a firearms transaction record.


After you have the form filled out the gun seller will run your information through NICS.


NICS is maintained by the FBI


Don’t worry though as this process only takes about 30 seconds.


If you pass the background check then you will be able to proceed with the firearm purchase.


However, if you do not pass the background check then you will be disqualified to purchase a firearm.


If there is something under your record that may need further investigation, the FBI will have 3 business days to get back to you.


If the FBI doesn’t get back to you then you can go ahead and buy the gun.


What Will Prevent Me From Buying A Gun


Here are some things that will prevent you from being able to make an online gun purchase.


  • You are a fugitive
  • Convicted of a crime for an addictive or controlled substance
  • Did a year or more in prison
  • Being charged as a felon
  • Not a legal citizen of the united states
  • Dishonorably discharged from the military
  • You have a restraining order on you
  • If you are under indictment for a crime
  • Any history of mental disorders


Those are some and not all of the reasons you may get turned down.


Pros & Cons of Buying A Gun Online


With anything, there will always be pros and cons to any type of situation. Let’s go over some quick pros and cons when it comes to buying a gun online.




  • HUGE selection
  • If your vendor is out of state you may not need to pay TAX
  • Buying a gun online is cheaper




  • Need to wait for shipping
  • If something happens you are forced to use a gunsmith
  • You can’t physically see and touch it before buying
  • Your local gun shops will not like you


That’s it.  It’s really that easy.




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