Showcase Your Gun Grips

Love custom gun grips? Of course you do! They may not always be a direct help, but they sure do make your gun look way more bad ass! Also it’s more fun to have an awesome looking gun grip. Why stick to the plain old boring gun grip when you can customize and have yours done right! Because who wants to carry a boring looking gun?

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Custom Gun Grips.

Get a hold of yourself! We understand exactly how you feel with these amazing gun grips. It’s time to dress up your gun.

A Closer Look At The Importance Of Gun Grips.

Gun grips are actually some of the most overlooked components of a gun. The trigger and the grips are the most important components of any gun and determine how well a gun is good for you. Basically, you can learn how to shoot any trigger but you can’t get a new hand. This article clearly looks at the importance of gun grips and why they’re a good upgrade .


Pistol Grips

Pistol grips vary according to designs, configurations and materials. They can be made from plastic, curved from wood or manufactured from ivory. However, it is worth noting down that in some countries like the United States, you’re not allowed to purchase or sell a pistol that has ivory grips.

Most handguns have two piece grips that are secured on either end of the frame. These gun grips are designed for shooters who have small or large hands. For shooters with large hands, the ridge is more pronounced towards the top of the grip.

It is worth noting down that the backstraps can easily be changed. This means that the back of the grips can easily be changed by altering the grip’s contours. Most guns have these changeable backstraps to ensure the grips provide you with high quality service when you’re shooting.

What is stippling?

This mainly means adding indentations or dots to a particular surface. This is very important because it creates a rough surface which gives the user a better grip when shooting. This rough grip is also efficient especially when there’s moisture on the gun’s surface.

The grip contour is another aspect that should never be overlooked. The contour actually determines how a particular firearm fits your hand. This is the main reason why changeable backstraps of plastic guns are important. They’re important because they can easily accommodate different hands regardless of their size.

Another important aspect is frame geometry. Frame geometry determine how well a gun fits your hand. Backstraps

that are swappable are very important because they can make a pistol that doesn’t fit you well to fit your hand efficiently.

Importance Of Gun Grips

  • The gun grips are very important because they determine how well you shoot your gun. How well you hold your gun determines how well you can shoot it.
  • Contour is also important because how well the gun sits in your hand greatly affects the recoil you experience.


If you’re having some problems holding your gun, then you should consider upgrading the grips. This simple modification makes a big difference. Grips actually differentiate between a gun you like to shoot and a gun that is alright to shoot.

Handgun Contours, Grip Stippling and Texture

Other important components of gun grips that you should carefully check are texture, contours and grip stippling. These components are very important and play a key role when you’re shooting.


The gun grips are very important and are a very important upgrade. How a particular gun will feel to your hand determines how well you can shoot it.